Cricut Valentine’s Day Baggie Toppers


A quick post to share some of the Valentine’s Day bags I made using the Cricut a few years ago. I embossed with the cuddlebug, added googly eyes and glitter to the die cuts and used double-side tape to attach them to the bags.

It’s been so long since I made them I don’t remember the cartridges, but hopefully it will give you a little inspiration if you are looking for Valentine’s Day goody ideas.


The Reality of it All

I had such good intentions for this blog. Unfortunately all of my posts stay in my head, loosely written in my mind as I fall asleep. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about why I have put up a wall and just not made time for blogging. Bear with me as I sort it all out.

First, blogging is work. Hard work. I know a lot of people wouldn’t think so, but the time it takes to write, take pictures, edit etc. is far more than most people would think. But, I have an abundance of time staying here at home, so I don’t suppose that is the real issue.

Comparison is the theif of joy quote

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After my Learning the Cricut blog, I felt so much pressure to produce, to create, to keep things for readers to come back to. Honestly, I went from a cricut expert teaching at the Creating Keepsakes Convention, making kits, etc to not touching my Cricut. Ever. Cali will ask to get it out and I just have no interest whatsoever. I enjoy sewing and don’t want to burn out on it too. I don’t want to feel like I have to keep up with the other blogs. Comparison is an ugly monster that I need to learn to tame. Hmmmm…getting closer I think.

Finally, to be completely honest, I struggle. A lot. I sleep way too much. I’ve struggled with depression since i was 16. Not the “I’m so sad and things suck” kind of depression, but more like that continuous weight of a boulder on my back that exhausts me. It’s hard. “Pull yourself together” doesn’t work. Most days I’m unmotivated and content to go back to bed after I take Cali to school and sleep the day away. Part of it is I am here with my MIL all day who has a brain injury. I know it sounds horrible, but there are times it’s just easier to crawl back in bed than to deal with those issues.

Still, through it all, I have been getting a few things accomplished. Not housework, or blogging mind you, but that’s okay.

Today is a new day.

Our Craft Show Experience

Nicole and I officially survived our first craft show. Whew! It was a ton of work and to be honest we have some mixed feelings. It didn’t help that in November here in Oklahoma it was 70 degrees outside! Who feels like Christmas shopping when it feels like summer outside?!

Here is our backdrop we made from PVC pipe and some curtains. We tied clothesline string across to hang our goodies. I love love love the banner I made at the top! The back is alternating chevron and solid red so I can use it for other things too.

Here’s a few pictures of things we made and how they were set up. Taggie blankets, zipper pouches with handstitched sentiments and gathered clutches (above)

The cutest tie onsies, tons of stockings, key fobs, card holders and snap pouches (above)

Tissus pouches, lap blankets, baprons and bibs.

I’m working like crazy to get them all posted in our Etsy Shop. Come browse for some closer pics. Maybe you will find a holiday gift or two:)

My Special Craft Show Guest: Art by Cali

Before I post about my first craft show with Nicole, I thought I would share some pictures of Cali (my 10 year-old step-daughter) selling her horse pictures at the craft fair.

I saw a great deal (free?) on notecards at InkGarden a while back, so I put her drawings on the front of them. I also printed 5×7 prints of her horses. When she realized I was bringing her to the craft fair, made her her own little business cards, AND opened her an Etsy shop, she literally cried she was so happy.

I know I’m biased, but I think she is freaking amazing for only being 10! It warmed my heart to encourage her in her gift and support her. More work in an already crazy frenzy trying to get ready for the craft show myself? Yes. Totally worth it? Absolutely!

I hope she will remember how much her momma loves her and believed in her when she grows up. I’m beyond proud of my little artist!

Here We Go Again…

**sigh** I’ve gone back and forth a million times on whether or not to start another blog. For those of you who may not know, I had a blog, Learning The Cricut, for several years. It was crazy popular but oh-so-much work. I had well over 5,000 fans on Facebook and my own ebook that allowed me to stay home with my stepdaughter. Long story short, I shut it down (sometimes regretfully, sometimes not). I basically fell off the face of the blog and social media earth. So…why am I back?

Learning The Cricut blog

Well, I have been a caregiver for my mother-in-law who had brain surgery in 2010 and has been left with problems with her short term memory. Our world has been rocked and we are just getting back to normal. With the normal comes me being a stay at home mom, and keeper of all things MIL related. Sometimes it’s exhausting. I got really burnt out on all of the Cricut stuff, and the pressure to “produce”. And now, well, I’ve taken up sewing, and I’m planning on opening an Etsy store. Blogging my creations just seams to go hand in hand.

Brandi at Monkey Stitches Studio

So, I invite you to join me on my journey of all things creative. So nice to see you again!