My Special Craft Show Guest: Art by Cali

Before I post about my first craft show with Nicole, I thought I would share some pictures of Cali (my 10 year-old step-daughter) selling her horse pictures at the craft fair.

I saw a great deal (free?) on notecards at InkGarden a while back, so I put her drawings on the front of them. I also printed 5×7 prints of her horses. When she realized I was bringing her to the craft fair, made her her own little business cards, AND opened her an Etsy shop, she literally cried she was so happy.

I know I’m biased, but I think she is freaking amazing for only being 10! It warmed my heart to encourage her in her gift and support her. More work in an already crazy frenzy trying to get ready for the craft show myself? Yes. Totally worth it? Absolutely!

I hope she will remember how much her momma loves her and believed in her when she grows up. I’m beyond proud of my little artist!


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